Schleining Genetic Clients

Dr. Tom Field - Wellington, CO
Dallas Schleining is one of the most talented reproductive management specialists with whom I have worked - he is knowledgeable, is even tempered with both cattle and clients, and he settles cows. He is dependable and has delivered exceptional AI performance in our cow herd. I am proud that he is a graduate of Colorado State University.

Cecil Koehn - Fort Collins, CO
Thanks for being such a great help in my first time experience with AI. I really appreciated you taking the time to look over my cow herd and explain the synchronization options available and then look at the list of bulls that would fit my cow herd goals. I appreciated the estimate cost sheet and the time table schedule you prepared for me. I was well pleased with the whole AI process and am looking forward to seeing those AI calves. I especially enjoyed working with you and with the professional manner you exhibited through-out this breeding process.

Del Chase - McClave, CO
I have known Dallas Schleining all of his life and had the pleasure of being his Agriculture Education instructor and FFA advisor. It was exciting when he came back to the area to provide AI services. We use him to breed all of our replacement heifers and greatly appreciate his attention to detail, his reliability and his customer service.

Schleining Genetic Students

Laney Sheppard - Lamar, Colorado
I thought the structure of this course was remarkable.  It allowed me to remember methods effectively, so I won't forget.  I loved the actual live practice the most.

Keely Smith - Lamar, Colorado
You are a very good teacher.  You are very informative and make everything easy to understand.  I appreciate how picky you are in class and stress the importance of doing every step correctly.  It will benefit all of us when we go home and do it on our own! Thank you!

Mike and Roxanne Martin (Tri Mountain Angus)- Ridgefield, Washington

Dallas, I wanted to drop you a note and let you know what a pleasure it was to have meet you and your team last week. Roxanne and I thoroughly enjoyed the AI class. Your lectures, presentations and repetitive hands-on training allowed us to become comfortable with the process and gain confidence in our abilities. Certainly as we continue to learn and practice on our own herd, our proficiency will grow. We appreciated that you, Darla and Nancy took all the time necessary to answer all our questions and explain in detail what the various processes are, from synchronizing to inseminating, and all the steps in between. Thanks Again – we very much enjoyed the class.

Lance Jagers - Eads, Colorado
Mr. Schleining made it easy to learn the difficult procedures of Bovine Artificial Insemination. His calm and collected teaching style allowed the student the opportunity to learn the procedures at his/her own pace. The quality and quantity of the practice cows was also an asset.

Shawn Hunter, Crawford, Nebraska 
This class exceeded my expectations. Not only did it teach me the technique of artificial insemination, but it taught me the science of the hormonal process during estrus synchronization. I would not have been able to learn this on my own. This class was definitely worth the time and money – I learned a lot and look forward to artificially inseminating my own cattle this year.

Dominic DiSanti - Fort Collins, CO
I fully recommend Schleining Genetics’ artificial insemination school to anyone. Dallas's experience and credentials provide a very thorough and  complete course in AI. The course is well organized and I was especially  impressed with the variation and amount of cattle that the class offered for  students to practice on, leaving me quite confident in my ability to perform  AI. Lastly, I feel that Schleining Genetics’ school is an exceptional course  in that it not only teaches students the technique of AI, but goes above and  beyond to cover many other important subjects such as semen handling, bull selection, disease control, and much more.

Devin Murnin-Miles City, Montana
I found the Artificial Insemination class to be very rewarding. Dallas is not only very knowledgeable about the subject but also shares some very useful personal experiences that you cannot find in textbooks. I especially enjoyed all of the hands on experience that I was able to receive with the cattle as well as with the semen handling. After taking this class I feel very confident that I will be successful when Artificially Inseminating my own cattle. I would strongly recommend that if anyone would like to learn the insemination process they should take this course.

"Schleining Genetics provides custom bovine reproductive services to its customers while focusing on honesty, producer education, and customer service."