Artificial Insemination

Schleining Genetics offers complete AI services including estrous synchronization, insemination, semen consulting and breeding evaluations. To make our services conveniently available, we not only travel around Colorado and surrounding states but also have several clients who choose to bring their females to our facility. We are happy to assist you with the synchronization of your females at your place or ours. Contact us as our staff are pleased to assist you with setting up your synchronization program and answering any questions you may have.

Embryo Flushing Freezing and Transfer

Schleining Genetics is proud to provide our embryology services to many clients. We perform flushing, freezing, and transfer services on-farm and at our boarding facility. We are happy to house donor and recipient females at our facility near Ault, Colorado. The staff at Schleining Genetics takes pride in explaining the process of embryo flushing and transfer to those who are not familiar with it. Please contact us to schedule a consultation to determine if embryo services would be beneficial for your operation today.

Beef and Dairy Heifer Development

Schleining Genetics offers a heifer development program. This program consists of providing astounding care, growing, and finishing opportunities, managing reproductive health, custom breeding’s, and genetic evaluations, as well as exclusive consultations for your specific operational goals. Our development facility is conveniently located east of Ault, Colorado. We develop both beef and dairy heifers on a contract basis for our clients. For more information on our development services please contact us.

Custom Cattle Feeding

Schleining Genetics has many years of experience custom feeding cattle for producers throughout the United States. We have fed cattle ranging from Lowlines to Simmentals and most breeds in between. We have experience in several programs including conventional, natural, and even grass-fed labels. We have an approximate capacity at our feeding facility of 2500 hd. Please contact us for more information as we are eager to earn your business.

Winter Grazing

Schleining Genetics offers a winter grazing program in which clients send their cattle to us for the tough winter months. We lease several thousand acres of farm ground, within ten miles of our headquarters, to pasture the crop residue. These field residues include corn stalks, alfalfa, and sorghum. We run yearling cattle as well as commercial and registered cows for our various clients. Schleining Genetics provides full care of the cattle as well as calving services if producers desire. This grazing program has been growing rapidly and our clients are very pleased. For more details regarding this program please contact us.

"Schleining Genetics provides custom bovine reproductive services to its customers while focusing on honesty, producer education, and customer service."