Cattle Production Short Courses

Schleining Genetics is offering one day, fast paced courses for those who are looking to further and/or gain knowledge and experience in many aspects of cattle production. These courses are geared toward acknowledging all types of operations and practices used every day. Each course is divided between classroom hours in the morning, covering course material, and hands on experience in the afternoons. The material is direct and intended to be easy to understand and apply. The lab portion is designed to allow you to gain experience, so you become confident in using these practices in your own operation. Scroll down for more information about each course, dates, and enrollment.

Some courses may have guest educators on specific topics.

Topic One: Heard Health and Vaccinations

Morning Lecture and Discussion:

  • Vaccines Commonly Used in Cattle Production
  • Closed Herd VS. Co-Mingling Practices 
  • Proper Administration of Vaccines 
  • Reproductive Vaccines
  • Symptoms of Unhealthy Cattle and Treatment Options
  • Beef Quality Assurance Guidelines 

Laboratory Application (Hands On):

  • Drawing Blood Samples
  • Administering Vaccinations Correctly
    • Subcutaneous, Intramuscular, Intravenous, Intranasally, and Orally.
  • Applying Back Pour on Cattle
  • Identifying and Using Different Types of Needles and Syringes 
    • Discussion About When and Why to Use Different Types
  • Observe Live Cattle for Sickness/ Healthiness

Topic Two: Basic Nutrition and Feedstuffs

Morning Lecture and Discussion:

  • Common Feedstuffs 
  • Medicated Feeds/Ionophores
  • Nutrient Requirements for Different Groups of Cattle
  • Grazing
  • Poison, Toxicity, and Nitrates
  • Hardware Disease 
  • Body Condition Scoring 

Laboratory Applications (Hands On):

  • Identifying Feedstuffs 
  • Identifying Vitamins and Minerals
  • Scoring Different Types of Cattle for Body Condition
  • Observe Commercial Feed Mixing/Batching 
  • Feedlot Ration Evaluation/ Bunk Reading

Topic Three: Routine Cattle Practices 

Morning Lecture and Discussion:

  • Hoof and Foot Care
  • Dehorning
  • Implanting
  • Ear Tagging
  • Castrating
  • Branding
  • Tattooing 

Laboratory Applications (Hands On):

  • Live Demonstration of Hoof Trimming (Depends on Availability)
  • Demonstration of Proper Use of Different Types of Dehorners
  • Use of Different Types of an Ear Tagger
  • Use of Castration Tools
    • Includes Knife Cutting and Banding 
  • Use of Branding Iron
  • Use of Tattoo Tools

Topic Four: Cattle Handling 

Morning Lecture and Discussion:

  • Group Behavior VS. How A Single Animal Acts 
  • Facilities and Handling Equipment
  • Human and Animal Safety 
  • Temperament of Animals and Humans
  • Cattle Transportation 
  • Stress Factors and How it Affects Cattle Production
  • Flight Zones

Laboratory Applications (Hands On):

  • Assessment of Grouped Cattle VS. Single Animals 
  • Operating Cattle Handling Equipment
  • Observation and Discussion of Different Types of Cattle Transportation Equipment
  • Assessment and Identification of Cattle Flight Zones

Topic Five:
Reproductive Tools and Management 

Morning Lecture and Discussion:

  • Reproductive Exams for Bulls and Heifers
  • Synchronization Schedules 
  • Genetic Selection and Testing
  • Basic Information about Artificial Insemination
  • Basic Information about Embryo Transfer 
  • Nutrition and Post-Partum Interval 

Laboratory Applications (Hands On):

  • Demonstration of Performing Reproductive Exams on Bulls
  • Performing Reproductive Exams on Heifers
  • Developing a Synchronization Schedule and Protocol
  • Evaluating Expected Progeny Difference’s 
  • Identifying Reproductive Equipment 


Each course has ten available seats.

Each course is $300.00, if you choose to take all five, the fifth course is half price!

-Discount for fifth course will be automatically applied when you check out.

-Payment for all courses will need to be completed prior to any courses taken. 

After the deadline has passed, if there is any availability, a late fee of $100.00 per course will be applied

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