About Us

History of Schleining Genetics

Dallas Schleining grew up on a small farming and cattle operation in southeastern Colorado.  His family has been involved in production agriculture for many generations.  Dallas and his parents farmed many acres of irrigated cropland as well as operated a commercial cow-calf and back-grounding operation.  Dallas developed a great fondness for the cattle operation at an early age.  While at Colorado State University he enrolled in a cattle artificial insemination course.  Following his instruction he began to AI cattle for a few producers in Colorado and Nebraska where he further honed his skills.  Due to the demand for his expertise and services, Dallas started Schleining Genetics.  

Schleining Genetics is a company that was founded by Dallas Schleining in the spring of 2004.  The business was established with a goal of utilizing reproductive technologies to improve the cattle industry.  Schleining Genetics provides a variety of cattle services for both beef and dairy clients including: custom artificial inseminationartificial insemination training coursesestrous synchronizationbeef and dairy heifer developmentembryo flushing, freezing, and transfer services, custom cattle feeding and winter grazing. Schleining Genetics is happy to travel to make our services as available and convenient as possible for our customers.  No matter the size of your operation or the experience that you have, Schleining Genetics is happy to assist you with all of your bovine reproductive needs. We always look forward to working with you.

Meet the Staff

Dallas Schleining-Owner
Dallas received his Bachelor's degrees in Animal Science and Agricultural Business at Colorado State University. Dallas took an AI course at Colorado State in November of 2003. Following completion of the course, he started breeding for many producers in Northern Colorado and Southwestern Nebraska. Over time Dallas' expertise has taken him around Colorado and surrounding states. Dallas has a vast array of experience within most sectors of the cattle industry. He greatly enjoys being able to help other cattle producers in understanding the importance and complexity of bovine reproduction.

Emma and Duke
Emma and Duke have been able to join us on our journey as we continue to grow and expand our business. Emma is the oldest and has been with us on many breeding projects as well as at AI classes. She enjoys helping and continues to absorb the information we give her.  Duke is her younger brother and seems to be just as interested as Emma.  Duke loves to be a part of the action and gives as much help as possible. Nancy and Dallas are very excited to see how their children continue to grow and learn while sharing their passion for cattle.

"Schleining Genetics provides custom bovine reproductive services to its customers while focusing on honesty, producer education, and customer service."